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ASL digital for Utrecht theatre

Stadsschouwburg Theatre in Utrecht is one of the best known theatres in the Central Netherlands. A recent upgrade saw the theatre install an ASL digital intercom system.

Stadsschouwburg Theatre in Utrecht, Netherlands has been fitted with an ASL digital intercom system. According to Stadsschouwburg’s sound technician, Arnout Verdonk (pictured), several intercom systems were put to the test, with the whole technical team involved in the decision-making process. “We decided on the ASL digital system because of its flexibility and its ability to easily interface to our existing analogue intercom systems, wireless systems and 4-wire equipment,” Verdonk explained. “We are a theatre with many different productions and everything we do must be done in a fast and reliable way. Sometimes we had problems when OB vans and rental companies came to the theatre and wanted to connect to our analogue intercom system. Now, with the ASL digital system, the problems have been solved and everyone is really happy.” The ASL system comprises a DS 4002M Matrix unit, two DS 830 eight channel Speaker Stations complete with gooseneck microphones, 10 DS 290 2-channel Beltpacks, a DS 700 interface box, a DS 71 party-line interface, four 4-wire interfaces and a DS 77A analogue audio interface. “When the system was installed, I planned a two and a half hour introduction and training session with all of our crew, expecting that a lot of explanation might be needed,” Verdonk said. “But we were ready in no time as the ASL system is self-explanatory. The crew has been working with the system now for a couple of months and everyone is very happy with it.”