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Amadeus, SSL, Sonic Emotion collaborate for Palais en Jazz

Rocksquare specified a mixture of PMX, DIVA and MAESTRO speaker systems with a Solid State Logic console and Sonic Emotion 3D processing at the 2014 festival, held at a former royal residence of Louis XV.

Amadeus, the French manufacturer of sound reinforcement loudspeakers and studio monitors, collaborated with Solid State Logic and Sonic Emotion for the third Palais en Jazz event at the Château de Compiègne, northern France, on 28–29 June.

Palais en Jazz (Jazz Palace) featured Amadeus’s PMX, DIVA and MAESTRO speaker systems – with an SSL digital console and Sonic Emotion’s Sonic Wave I ‘3D sound’ processor – delivering the music of jazz artists Kelvin Jones, Thomas Dutronc and Michel Legrand sound to an outdoor audience in the grounds of the former imperial palace. The event was co-sponsored by Amadeus, Solid State Logic and Sonic Emotion, and produced by French company Rocksquare.

“The success of Palais en Jazz rests, among other things, on the quality of the team of partners behind it and the support they provide,” says Hugo Brugiere, a producer of the festival. “The quality of the solutions and technologies implemented by Amadeus, Solid State Logic and Sonic Emotion, some of which were specially developed for the occasion, makes this great human, entrepreneurial and artistic adventure also a technological one!”

“The combination of Amadeus, [Wave I] and SSL Live was fantastic,” adds the event’s FOH engineer, Emmanuel Feyrabend. “It’s an experience that’s halfway between the power of a sound reinforcement system and the subtlety of the best hi-fi loudspeakers. Strange, and incredibly good at the same time.”

Palais en Jazz was launched in 2012 by Emmanuel Starcky, director of national museums and castles at Compiègne and nearby Blérancourt, and describes itself as being “born from [a] common desire to mingle and break down barriers between eras and cultures.”

Photo: Joelle Rasoarivelo