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Allen & Heath Qu-16

Rackmount mixer

What is it? A ​rackmountable digital mixer for live, installation and studio applications. Details The Qu-16 takes incorporates technologies pioneered on A&H’s GLD and iLive digital mixing systems. It offers 16 mono inputs (TRS + XLR), three stereo inputs (TRS), four stereo FX returns, 16 busses, 12 mix outputs (LR, mono mix 1-4, stereo mix 1-3), AES digital out plus four FX engines and iLive FX Library. The design incorporates moving faders, plus AnaLOGIQ preamps featuring zero-crossing detection and an advanced padless 1dB-step gain stage for optimal gain accuracy and audio transparency. Analogue signals are captured by high-class, low-latency 24-bit A-D converters matched to 24-bit D-A converters delivering the required outputs. At the heart of the Qu-16 is an 800 x 480 colour touchscreen and data encoder providing fast, easy access to all settings. All key processing tools are presented in a clean layout on the Qu-16’s SuperStrip, with one function per physical control. This is complemented by an onscreen Touch Channel for intuitive access to full processing parameters without clutter or complex menu structures. Processing for mono and stereo inputs includes trim, polarity, HPF, gate, insert, 4-band PEQ, compressor and delay. The main LR and the mono mixes have controls for insert, 1/3-octave GEQ, compressor and delay. The stereo mixes provide insert, 4-band PEQ, compressor, delay and balance control. The Qu-16 can store up to 100 full scenes for recall. Channels and mixes can be made safe from scene recall: if an instrument or mic gets swapped out after the soundcheck, the channel can be made safe to avoid settings being over-ridden. The Qu-16’s built-in interface streams multitrack audio to Mac channels 1 to 16, the main L-R mix and three selectable stereo pairs. The returns from the Mac can be assigned to the 16 mono channels plus stereos. The interface is class-compliant on Mac OS X; with no driver required, it will be immediately recognised by any DAW supporting Core Audio – including Logic, Cubase, Reaper and Pro Tools. The Qu-16’s integrated Qu-Drive multitrack recorder provides 18 channels of 48kHz/24-bit recording and playback direct to USB hard drives. A selectable stereo pair can be recorded alongside the 16 mono channels and multitrack audio can be played back to the 16 mono channels plus ST1. Qu-Drive also provides stereo recording, patchable from any pair of mix outputs, the main LR (pre, post, or summed to mono) or even the PAFL bus, with 2-track stereo playback to ST3. And another thing… The Qu-16 is fully compatible with A&H’s ME Personal Mixing System. Any number of ME-1 personal mixers can be chained from the dSNAKE port (or an AR2412 Stagebox), with each performer offered tailored control over their own mix.