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Alcons CRS8

Passive speaker

What is it? The CRS8 is a 2-way passive-filtered full range speaker said to combine exceptional clarity and intelligibility with lowest distortion and an unusually high dynamic range. Details The CRS8 system configuration consists of one RBN401 pro-ribbon driver for MHF and a vented reference quality 8″ mid-bass for LF reproduction. The RBN401 driver is a proprietary pro-ribbon mid/high-frequency transducer with a low weight-moving mass said to offer 90% less distortion than compression driver designs and a linear system response. The high (800W) peak power handling of the RBN401 pro-ribbon driver offers a 1:16 RMS-to-peak power ratio, enabling true Digital Cinema dynamics from 1kHz to beyond 20kHz. Utilising the same transducer featured in Alcons’ pro-ribbon screen systems is said to offer unique voicing matching between the screen and surround system resulting in an exceptionally wide and deep sound stage throughout the entire listening area. Signal Integrity Sensing pre-wiring compensates for long cable and connector resistance between CRS8 and ALC amplified loudspeaker controllers offering the “tightest and most accurate” mid and bass response – regardless of cable length – down to the lowest system impedance. The enclosure’s 10º slanted baffle together with the ‘upside-down’ speaker arrangement and the pro-ribbon’s response characteristic in the vertical plane offers very smooth LF/HF blending for both near and distant seats both on and off axis. And another thing… To optimise the amplifier loading in immersive surround systems, the CRS8 is also available in 4 ohms impedance.