AED Rent travels east with first franchise

AED Rent Franchise UAE is poised to become the leading dry-hire partner for rental companies in the Gulf country
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As of 6 November, AED Rent Franchise UAE is poised to become the leading dry-hire partner for professional rental companies in the United Arab Emirates.

“We have built the AED Rent franchise model as an expansion into new territories in Europe, Africa, the Middle and Far East,” says Glenn Roggeman, CEO of AED group. “In 2015, we will start to commercialise this formula, granting selected companies the exclusive franchise for each country to operate as AED Franchisee under the AED Rent umbrella: top notch gear and state-of-the-art products, large inventories and high standards.”

Interactive workflows allow AED employees worldwide to service, repair and handle equipment like in the Belgian headquarters.


The AED group’s first franchise will be headed by Nigel Pinto. He is backed by 18 years’ experience in the stage and live industry as a partner in Gearhouse Audio Visual, one of the Middle East’s biggest production companies.

Roggeman expects that the new company in Dubai, the world’s fastest moving financial market, will be the both the gateway for some 100 UAE-based companies and open up opportunities for the Far East.

AED Rent has shipped 200 tons of equipment to the Emirates, including the latest gear by leading audio brands including L-Acoustics, JBL, Shure, and QSC, plus top-drawer video and lighting systems. The equipment will be stored in a 2,500m² warehouse in the Dubai Investment Park site.

At press time, the AED HQ staff is training 12 employees for the Dubai franchise.



QSC quota for AED Rent

International dry-hire specialist AED Rent is eyeing the mid-sized market with QSC’s KW and KLA series, following a number of other recent large investments, writes Marc Maes.


More KLA for AED Rent

AED Rent, Europe’s largest dry-hire company, has placed an order with QSC Audio for 48 KLA Active Line Array elements and 20 KLA181 subwoofers.


Jumbo JBL VTX order from AED Rent

AED Rent has become the first company to make a substantial investment in the new JBL VTX loudspeaker system, reports Marc Maes. The huge order - over 300 cabinets plus nearly 200 Crown power amps – will ship to the dry-hire outfit in February.