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Adamson plays key role on Indochine Tour

French new wave rock band Indochine is utilising Adamson gear on its Black City Tour of Europe.

French new wave rock band Indochine is usng Adamson Systems equipment on its Black City Tour of France, Belgium and Switzerland. The tour will culminate in a final performance will take place at the Stade de France in Paris in June.

The band’s sound engineer Phillipe Dubich specified the Adamson Energía system, and engineer Julien Poirot designed the installation layout, with assistance from Wilfried Lasbleiz.

Dubich and Lasbleiz have flown 12 E15 enclosures for the main PA. For outfill, left and right arrays consisting of nine E12 enclosures were flown. In addition to the E15 and E12 units, 20 T21 subwoofers have been installed in two columns of ten units each for adequate low frequencies delivery.

The second part of the venue is blanketed by two more E12 arrays, made up of six enclosures each and two more downfill arrays of four E12s each were installed in the scenic grill.

Poirot explains: “The E15 is a system that combines powerful dynamics, clarity and precision. I love this system; it would be ideal for many different projects. Indo on the E15/T21/E12 combination works well and gives us an impressive sound homogeneity throughout the venues. The result is top notch.”