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A momentary glimpse of Vero at WeCanDance 2015

“We’re pretty much there,” Funktion-One co-founder John Newsham tells Marc Maes

At the 2015 WeCanDance festival, staged on Zeebrugge beach, rental company Soundsystem deployed Funktion-One speakers across all four stages as the main systems for botevh FOH and monitors. This included an outing for the long-awaited Vero system, which is now in its final phase of beta testing. Other stages featured Evo 6Es, which were launched at Prolight + Sound Frankfurt 2015.

Soundsystem’s Tia Broodcoorens and Lieven Pillaert were joined onsite by Funktion-One founder John Newsham, who lent his expertise to tuning the systems, while keeping a watchful eye and keen ear on Vero.

“This festival is a great opportunity to test Vero,” said Newsham. “We started testing the system almost two years ago, today we’re looking back at around 20 shows. We believe we’ve developed something really special; therefore we’re determined that every single element of the system – from the speakers to the flying to the software – will be exactly right when we launch it. What we now know after WeCanDance is that we’re pretty much there and can look forward to launching the system now.”

Pictured: Lieven Pillaert and Tia Broodcoorens of Soundsystem (top) with (bottom, L–R) Funktion-One’s John Newsham, WeCan Dance’s Bart Roman and Benedikt Koch, managing director of Funktion-One distributor Thöne und Partner. Photo by Marc Maes