A dose of Symphonicity for DPA on Sting tour

‘Gordon Sumner with strings’ is the general vibe of the latest world tour by former Police frontman and solo artist Sting.
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‘Gordon Sumner with strings’ is the general vibe of the latest world tour by former Police frontman and solo artist Sting. Accompanied by a full orchestra, the Symphonicity tour sees Sting perform comprehensively rearranged versions of major hits and classic album tracks. FOH engineer Howard Page (pictured) – who is senior director of engineering at Clair Brothers - had already used DPA mics with Sting during last winter’s cathedral concerts. For the new shows, the entire string section – nine first violins, seven second violins, seven violas, five celli and three basses – was miked with 4099 clip-ons, with several more on radio packs for clarinet and trumpet soloists. Having decided against the traditional symphonic miking approach of sharing mics between two chairs or desks, Page has found the DPAs give him “absolute separation: when I turn on a DPA 4099 on one violin I get one violin and barely anything else, which gives me incredible signal to noise. I also get more headroom on an overall string session than I’ve ever had on an orchestra before; traditionally you’re up against a feedback threshold, and your show is compromised by how loud you can go. But the DPAs are so immediate that by clever use of overall reverb, I can move sections forward to get more presence for certain songs, or more natural reverb across them all.” “Word about the DPA 4099 is, believe me, getting around. Everyone raves about how the strings sound on this show, and the reviews all mention how rich the orchestra sounds.” www.dpamicrophones.com



Sting in full flight with Outline

The Symphonicity Tour features string-laden renditions of classic tracks from the former Police frontman’s solo career. A recent show in Brescia's Piazza della Loggia featured an entirely flown Outline system.


Esperanza Spalding on tour with DPA

After sound engineer Jaime Armengol switched microphones without telling her, Esperanza Spalding is now using DPA mics on her Radio Music Society tour, including the new d:facto vocal microphone.


The organist entertains with DPA

DPA's omnidirectional mics have been used to record the world’s largest cathedral organ, at Passau, Germany. The performance was recorded in stereo and surround sound for a charity SACD to benefit the German Heart Foundation.


DiGiCo: in demand in Denmark, and on tour

After visiting Victory Tour Production, DiGiCo’s Danish distributor Soundware ends up with an order – for the entire SD range. Meanwhile, former Million Dead frontman takes three console on the road, writes Erica Basnicki.