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Zaxcom Deva V

 What is it?A direct to hard disk, 10-track recorder suitable for radio and television applications. DetailsWith its sealed hard disk design, the Deva V is said to be impervious to factors such as temperature, humidity, motion and environmental contamination. It is designed to allow production facilities to instantly reference previous recordings and makes it possible to produce extra copies of recorded audio in the event of material being lost or damaged. The display and all controls are mounted on the front/top of the unit, allowing it to be carried over-the-shoulder or mounted in a trolley, with large, high-resolution colour meters providing precise indication of recording level. It incorporates a flexible, 16-input/20-bus digital mixer together with built-in analogue-to-digital converters offering 123dB dynamic range. The Deva V provides direct Avid and Pro Tools compatibility – said to save considerable time loading files in post production. Scene, take, note and roll number metadata can be entered using the touchscreen display, the Deva Mix-12 or an external PS2 keyboard. This data becomes part of the recorded file and is automatically imported into the Avid Post Production system. All metadata is said to be easily edited on the Deva to insure Post gets the correct info for each take. Analogue input limiters provide protection against digital clipping while enhanced fader flexibility allows the four mixing knobs to control any combination of the 16 inputs or (when teamed with the Deva Mix-12) all 16 Deva inputs are controlled by the 12 Penny & Gilles faders and four rotary controls.