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Yamaha MSP7 Studio

What is it? Yamaha’s flagship powered monitor speaker designed to handle any combination of digital and analogue sources as well as stereo and surround formats. DetailsThe MSP7 Studio monitor houses a 6.5” woofer driven by an 80W amplifier along with a 1” dome tweeter with its own 50W power amplifier – a driver/power combination said to offer the ideal balance between the low-mid and high-frequency ranges. The 45Hz – 40kHz frequency response is divided via electronic crossover placed before the power amplifier inputs and featuring steep 30-dB/octave roll-off curves in both the low- and high-pass filters to minimise inter-modulation between the frequency bands at the crossover point. The line-level electronic design is said to completely eliminate the loss, distortion and inter-modulation typical of passive crossover networks driven by a single power amplifier. The low-frequency driver features a specially-treated polypropylene cone with low-damping rubber surrounds designed to offer an “exceptionally smooth” response. The tweeter features a titanium dome said to combine light weight and rigidity for precise reproduction up to 40kHz in conjunction with a waveguide offering a uniform high-frequency 120º dispersion. The one-piece moulded enclosure features a rounded baffle and is fully magnetically shielded. The design includes both a low-cut switch and trim control plus a 31-position level control to facilitate precise system matching.