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Yamaha Dugan-MY16

Mixer control card

What is it?An automatic mixing controller card designed to slot into Yamaha digital consoles. DetailsDugan-MY16 is a 16-channel controller that allows engineers to manage multiple live mics without continually riding individual faders. The card automatically detects the active mics and makes fast, transparent cross-fades without the distracting sonic artefacts common to noise gates. According to Yamaha it tracks unscripted dialogue perfectly and maintains consistent system gain for up to 16 open mics, preventing cueing mistakes and late fade-ups as well as reducing PA feedback. Remote control of the Dugan-MY16 is via internal Web server and up to eight units may be linked via ADAT connectors. It supports 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96 kHz sample rates; in Standard operating mode it offers 16 channels of Dugan mixing at 44.1 or 48kHz. In High-rate mode, eight-channel Dugan mixing is possible at 88.2 or 96kHz while in Shared mode it combines eight-channel Dugan mixing with eight channels of general purpose ADAT I/O. Recommended to work with PM5D/MP5DRH, DSP5D, M7CL, LS9, DM2000, DM1000, 02R96, 01V96, DME64N, DME24N Yamaha mixers, the Dugan-MY16 offers unity gain and an audio latency of 0.2ms.