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Yamaha Commercial Audio MY4-AEC

Echo-cancelling card

What is it?An echo-cancelling card designed for use with the DME series of digital mixing desks. DetailsSaid to offer high-definition sound and flexibility for a range of applications including live performance, the MY4-AEC echo cancelling system is designed to negate the echo that occurs when sound from a loudspeaker is picked up by a microphone close by. The card provides four channels of adaptive echo cancelling (AEC) and automatically calculates the best settings according to the environment and the equipment being used. It is also equipped with a noise reduction algorithm so that constant noises such as fans or air conditioning can be attenuated. To accommodate large spaces where microphones are used with a PA for voice amplification, the MY4-AEC’s four-channel feedback suppressor employs 42 notch-filter bands per channel. Each channel also has width and depth parameters that can be adjusted to achieve optimum level. The card is capable of removing delays up to a maximum of 400ms, providing clearer sound even when used in very large spaces. The MY4-AEC operates at a sample rate of 48kHz, but it can also be used in 96kHz systems by reducing capacity from four to two channels. To facilitate the use of other digital equipment, the MY4-AEC has four channels of AES/EBU I/O. The I/O ports include sampling rate converters to ensure easy connection to equipment operating at different sample rates.