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Yamaha CL5s keep Tell in time

Two Yamaha CL5s programmed with over 200 individual scenes helped manage complex delay issues at open-air performances of Tell - Das Musical in Walenstadt, Switzerland this summer.

A pair of Yamaha consoles managed complex delay issues for Tell – Das Musical, which played for six weeks in July and August at an open-air theatre in the Swiss town of Walenstadt. The story of Switzerland’s most famous folk hero was told on the shore lake Walensee, at an open-air theatre with a capacity of 2000 and a huge, 60m wide by 30m deep, stage. The size of the stage created substantial timing issues the audio teem needed to overcome. To that end, sound designer Andreas Brüll chose a pair of Yamaha CL5 consoles – one for vocals and the other for the orchestra – and two Rio 3224-D i/o modules, provided by Hyposound AG, whose Christoph Müller was the show’s technical director. “Our approach was to delay the content, rather than the speakers,” said Hyposound’s Mike Müller. “Thanks to the amount of channels available on the desks and in the Dante network, the signal distribution was handled via the CL5s. “The positions of the main vocal loudspeakers were defined as three basic play positions, with the output routing of the vocals being programmed L, C or R on the vocal desk, depending where the actors were on stage. These three outputs were each split seven times, each then being routed to an input channel on the orchestra desk. Input delays are applied to these three sets of seven inputs, in order to achieve the corresponding delay panned image, with each of the seven channels sent to a speaker in the vocal / delay system via the matrix of the orchestra desk.” The complexity of the setup meant that the entire production had to be programmed on the CL5s, the vocal desk having 160 scenes and the orchestra desk 50. “In previous years sound designers have struggled with delay panning, even on smaller stages,” says technical director Christoph. “But not this time. The timing was perfectly under control the whole time, thanks to the CL5 and the hard work of the sound team. Together they were a fantastic combination.”