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Yamaha and Nexo kit out themed UK venues

A number of Eclectic Clubs & Bars’ South Pacific-themed Lola Lo venues have been fitted out with Yamaha and Nexo audio systems, writes Paul Watson.

Students in Bournemouth, Brighton, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Lincoln, Norwich, Oxford and Reading have all been enjoying the Polynesian beats at Eclectic Clubs & Bars’ Lola Lo venues thanks to the deployment of brand new Yamaha and Nexo audio systems.

The systems at the Brighton and Reading venues were supplied and installed by SSE Installations from its base in London.

The sound rig uses Nexo Geo S1230s and RS15s for the main dance floor, with PS10s and PS8s for the seating areas and VIP Room. Powered by NXAMP4x1 and NXAMP4x4 amplifiers, system processing management is achieved using a Yamaha DME24N digital mixing engine. Volume control for each area is provided by a combination of CP1SF and CP4SF, single and four-faderremote panels.

“The specification was used very successfully at Lola Lo Brighton, so the client knew exactly what they were getting in the Reading installation and how it would sound,” explains SSE Installations director, Emma Bigg “The [Yamaha] DME24N is the best processor for these venues, as it combines a high number of I/O channels in a very compact package. Another advantage is that we can use MY series Ethersound interface cards for the connections between the unit and amplifiers in the digital domain. This ensures consistently good sound quality and enables us to remotely monitor the system, via the venue’s network. “