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XTA Electronics DP548

Dynamics processor

What is it?A dynamics management system based on XTA 4 Series processors. DetailsThe DP548 takes the basic 4 Series design and through its AudioCore processing, adds the equivalent of four D2 dynamic equalisers across the inputs and four units’ worth of C2 compressors across the outputs (8 individual channels), along with a new matrix mixing mode. All the original features and sound quality of the 4 Series are preserved and expanded upon using the newer DSP platform. Each input offers 28-band graphic equalisation configurable to model either the GQ600 or older, inductor-based designs. In addition eight additional bands of ‘traditional’ parametric EQ are available on each input, all of which may be adjusted for filter behaviour – including high and low shelving and notch filtering – in addition to bandpass, elliptic and variable ‘Q’ shapes and phase adjustment in two-degree steps. Three bands of SiDD’s dynamic EQ are available on each input, with all four modes of operation supported. Each band covers a 20Hz -20kHz range and offers attack/release and gain control. Dynamic EQ settings can be stored – as can graphic EQ settings and all other input/output settings. The DP548 also supports a full matrix mixing mode where inputs may be mixed in any ratio to any outputs with four ‘sends’ available on each output channel instead of just switching on/off. Before the limiter sections there’s a fully-featured compressor with variable knee adjustment allowing it to turn from a corrective tool with a hard knee characteristic to a gentler effect, making its presence felt gradually as the threshold is approached and exceeded. Each output also includes a limiter to protect individual drivers from over-heating plus an additional look-ahead ‘D-Max’ limiter for improved protection safety and to prevent driver over-excursion.