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WorxAudio Technologies TrueLine V5M and V5M-P

Compact fill/monitor speaker

What is it?A pair of ultra-compact speakers for use in front fill, near fill, under-balcony, and choir monitor applications. DetailsThe TrueLine V5M (non-powered) and V5M-P (powered) enclosures incorporate a medium format 1” exit compression driver coupled to a stabilised, proprietary FlatWave Former said to deliver clear, penetrating high frequencies over a predictable and controlled coverage area. Dual 5” cone transducers coupled to the Acoustic Intergrading Module (AIM) are designed to minimise cone filtering across the entire operating range. The TrueLine V5M-P incorporates WorxAudio’s new PSD-500 power amp module capable of delivering 350W and 150W to the LF and HF sections, respectively. The module features four digital programs and offers both male/female (loop through) XLR isolated I/O as well as AC PowerCon I/O said to offer exceptionally stable, clean, and clear power. Both models produce a 120º horizontal by 30º vertical dispersion pattern designed to maintain consistent sound quality both on- and off-axis for improved speech intelligibility and music reproduction. The V5M and V5M-P are constructed from multi-ply Baltic Birch, heavily braced for cabinet rigidity, but weighing only thirty pounds (the V5M-P’s integrated power amp module adds an extra two pounds). The enclosures are protected by a multi-layered, polyurea finish (available in black or white) plus a 16-guage, cloth-backed, powder coated steel grille said to offer a high transmission ratio. Measuring 18” (wide) by 13” (deep) by 6.8” (high), the units have one flat side – creating a 90º angle with the floor and making them suitable for use as a front fill – and a 5º angled side allowing them to be used as a floor monitor. The 120º horizontal dispersion also means a single V5M or V5M-P can be placed in the centre of the stage to serve as the monitor for a group of performers.