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World’s first 3D opera realised with IOSONO

IOSONO's 3D audio technology is being used on a German production of the opera Neither.

After mixing the world’s first 3D audio movie Immortals, IOSONO has been chosen for another world-premiere: Neither, the first 3D opera. Written by Morton Feldman and Samuel Beckett, Neither is staged by Berlin-based artist group phase7 and is not a typical opera. The original orchestra is replaced by a digitally programmed virtual orchestra, allowing elaborate worlds of 3D sound floating through the audience. The only person on stage is Norwegian soprano Eir Inderhaug, who sings live in the centre of the audience. “IOSONO’s 3D audio technology has been well received by the cinema and event industry and it’s great to see and hear what it can do to a piece of opera,” says Olaf Stepputat, CEO of IOSONO. The core of IOSONO’s 3D sound system is the Spatial Audio Processor IPC 100, which manages all loudspeaker channels and can adapt to any size venue. “The IOSONO 3D system was essential to give this opera a new sound and it worked perfectly,” phase7 founder Sven Sören Beyer states. Christian Steinhäuser, musical director of the project, adds: “For me as a musician, IOSONO opened up completely new ways of interpreting the music. It was much more than a mixing tool, but an inspiring instrument to turn opera into a new experience.” The premiere of Neither will take place at the European Center of the Arts HELLERAU in Dresden on 2 March 2012.