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Work Pro Zenith 6000W

High-powered touring amp

What is it?A high-powered amplifier combining low weight and robust construction for the touring market.DetailsTaking its place as the flagship model in the Zenith series, the 6000W incorporates a microcontroller-stabilised switched mode power supply to deliver continuous output power levels up to 3kW per channel into 2 ohms (6.2kW into 4 ohms in bridge mode). An LLC resonant circuit, specially designed for the amplifier’s high output power, is said to ensure reliability, while the high ripple current capacity of the power supply capacitors offers improved performance at low frequencies. To deal with high electrical load fluctuations in the amplifier, the switch-mode power supply offers “ultra-fast” response times and high slew rate, while overall reliability is maintained through surface mount technology (SMT) in the manufacture of the circuit boards.The Zenith 6000W will accept either balanced or unbalanced signals with selectable 26dB/32dB input sensitivity making it suitable for most installations. Stereo, bridge or parallel operating modes are possible and the design includes a low-frequency enhancement feature for greater flexibility. Protection is provided for output short circuiting, overheating, clip/limit, DC and VHF signals. Frequency response is quoted at 20Hz – 20kHz and dynamic range at 80dB. THD is 0.01% and signal to noise ratio is 100dB.And another thing… The Zenith range currently includes four other models – the 600, 1300, 1800 and 2400 with output powers between 600W and 2600W into 2 ohms – all offering a “very competitive” cost/weight ratio for touring applications.