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Wisycom: more channels, less intermodulation

Wisycom’s new MTP40 bodypack transmitter and MTH400 handheld microphone allow for more channels than ever within a single 8MHz TV channel, while avoiding intermod difficulties.

Italian wireless audio system designer and manufacturer Wisycom have launched two new products: the MTP40 bodypack transmitter and MTH400 handheld microphone. Wisycom’s new transmitters feature a proprietary intermodulation cancelling circuit that reduces interference artifacts formed by overlapping frequency bands in the transmitter to an inconsequential level. Previously, intermod cancellation in transmitters was achieved using ferromagnetic ‘isolators’ though these were only effective over a narrow band of frequencies. The new Wisycom system works over a much wider range, and reportedly provides more rejection than two isolators in series. The company claims that pairing the new transmitters with Wisycom’s intermod-resistant portable and rack mounted receivers will allow the transmission of up to 40 microphone channels within a single 8MHz TV channel. Additionally, Wisycom’s industry-leading tuning range has been widened even further on the latest transmitters, so that the entire usable UHF spectrum is now covered in two blocks. The company has also introduced a new compander setting that is optimised for transient response, for applications where sound quality takes precedence over absolute operating range. Wisycom systems have already been deployed for the new F1 HD channel from Sky Sports, and several major sporting events this year including the London 2012 Olympic Games, European Football Championship, Tour de France and Giro d’Italia. Their products can be found in studios and ENG crews of several major European broadcasters, including Danish Radio, France Television and RAI.