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Williams and ahab trial Nexo N-12s

UK act ahab is working with renowned engineer Gareth Williams and has become one of the first British acts to use Nexo’s N-12 monitors on tour, writes Paul Watson

UK country band ahab has become one of the first acts in the UK to use Nexo’s new N-12 monitors on the road, whilst working closely with acclaimed engineer Gareth Williams, who has been particularly impressed with the Nexo monitor’s performance.

Williams says it was a simple case of setting the gain structure out front, sending that to the N-12s to match the structure, then run it down to the stage, and finally bring the amp up to the required level.
“I found out on the first day that turning the amp up full and starting from there was way over the top,” Williams explains. “I’d have affected local air traffic! I ended up running the amps at about 50-60% and I always had plenty of headroom.” Williams says the trial left him with the impression that the N-12 represents “very joined up thinking”, and that although ahab doesn’t generate an angry sound, he is certain that the wedges are capable of handling a lot more. Band members Callum Adamson and Dave Burn are also delighted with the results: “I never knew it was possible to have so much directional control and clarity of my monitor mix on stage until we used the Nexo wedges,” says Adamson. “Don’t take them to the pub or you’ll end up paying for a new roof,” warns Burn.