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Whirlwind SPC8x series

What is it?A range of eight-channel passive microphone splitters housed in a single rack space unit. DetailsThe SPC82 and SPC82P provide one direct and one transformer isolated output per channel, while the SPC83 and SPC83P provide one direct and two isolated outputs per channel. Whirlwind transformers are used throughout – but units are optionally available with Jensen or Lundahl transformers. The SPC82P and SPC83P feature rear terminal connections for supply of phantom power from the optional DCSP1 external power supply. Phantom power on ‘P’ models is blocked from the splitter’s outputs, including the direct out; SPC82 or SPC83 models should be used when phantom power is provided from the mixing console (not an external power supply). A loop-through feature on the phantom connection allows a single DCSP1 to provide phantom power to multiple units, limited only by maximum 500mA current draw. A set of dip switches is provided for lifting the ground connection between the input and each ISO output and a rear tie-bar is included to prevent accidental disconnections.