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Volbeat use DiGiCo and d&b on European tour

Danish rock band Volbeat have been touring two DiGiCo consoles and a d&b J-Series PA system on their European tour, writes Paul Watson

Currently on an extensive European tour promoting their latest album Beyond Hell/Above Heaven, Danish rockers Volbeat have been using DiGiCo’s SD7 and D5 consoles; and a full d&b J-Series rig comprising J8s, J12s and J-SUBS, all supplied by Danish rental company DPA SoundCo.

After touring with DiGiCo’s D1 and D5 for the last few years, Mads Mikkelson saw this tour as a chance to try out the SD7 from FOH position, which he loves for its internal FX engines, dynamic EQ, and three-band compressors.

“I use the compressors on almost all my outputs and on many of the input channels,” Mikkelson reveals. “And the reverbs are some of the best I have heard in a digital console; I only carry one piece of outboard equipment, so it also gives me a nice and tidy FOH area.”

At monitor position, long-time DiGiCo user Kristoffer Hinrichsen works from a D5, which he feels gives him just what he needs for the job in hand.

Mikkelson says the d&b J-Series delivers exactly what he is aiming for when he double-channels each of the band’s two guitars, slightly delaying the sound to opposite sides of the PA to achieve a big sound.

“The band sound is a lot more dirty live; that’s one of the reasons I chose the J-Series,” he explains. “For me, it is just the best for a great rock guitar sound; and it doesn’t matter who sets it up and tunes it, in any country, it always sounds great. I don’t get that with other systems.”

Mikkelson says system tech Ulrik Rasmussen has had to configure the PA system in a variety of different ways during the tour in some particularly tricky venues, but has never let the side down.

“Ulrik always came up with a solid solution; the guys from DPA SoundCo worked really hard to give me what I needed,” he says. “Even our hometown gig at the Forum in Copenhagen was tight and clear; and that’s not a nice acoustic for an engineer.”