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Vieta looking to the future with SA install

Now that the World Cup is over, the focus is on its legacy, and in this regard Vieta – based in the event’s winning nation of Spain – is able to point to a major install at the Nike Football Training Center in Soweto.

Vieta sound reinforcement systems can be found throughout the new facility, which will give 20,000 young footballers a year the chance to develop their talents. Metropolis Consulting, which only took on Vieta products for distribution at the start of 2010, provided a full turnkey solution for the venue with an emphasis on simplicity and versatility.

Facing onto the football fields with an open roller shutter door, the Gym required a discrete system for playing background music, and to complement the main PA on the field. A pair of Vieta Do-2 ultra-compact full-range enclosures are amped on one channel of a Full Fat Audio 4004, giving frequency response from 200Hz to 20kHz. A control panel offers the facility to select source and volume.

Elsewhere, the Auditorium features Vieta Re-12 trapezoidal loudspeakers inset into the wall behind mesh covers, supplemented by two Vieta Re-115S 15” sub-bass units located centrally beneath the screen, while the education-oriented Red Room has been equipped with four super-compact Vieta Mi-20s with source selection possible via a control panel.

Vieta’s international sales director Mick Brophy said that “this installation is good news on several levels. We’re delighted, at long last, to have a vigorous and able distributor in South Africa. Metropolis has shown a comprehensive grasp of our wider range of products by choosing different models for the different parts of this project, and they’ve delivered a memorable debut installation, giving Vieta a lasting association with football in South Africa in rather a special year for Spain. Did I mention that we won the World Cup?”

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