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Veronica-Kits Stereo Compressor Limiter

What is itA stereo audio compressor/limiter suitable for broadcast applications. DetailsDesigned to control the audio level in broadcasting system to prevent over-modulation, the Veronica Compressor Limiter is specifically designed to achieve constant 100% modulation from an FM broadcast with all music and speech inputs. The processor is housed in an aluminium and steel casing measuring 279mm x 190mm x 89mm and includes three pairs of LEDs to indicate compression level. It functions as an AGC to provide peak limiting of audio signals across a frequency range of 30Hz-15KHz with a low signal/noise ratio of -75dBu. Distortion is quoted as 0.2% (at limiting). The unit operates from a single 11-16V DC supply and allows audio inputs up to +24dBu (12Vrms). Output is 0dBu (775mV RMS). Veronica-Kits also produce mono versions of the processor.