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Uniline brings diversity to German audience

German reggae artist Gentleman recently played Freiburg's Rothaus Arena where an APG Uniline line array system was deployed, writes Paul Watson

Currently touring his fifth studio album Diversity across Europe and the US, German roots reggae artist Gentleman recently played the Rothaus Arena in Freiburg using an APG Uniline line array system supplied by local rental company Coco Sound.Philip Sachsenheimer, Gentleman’s long-time FOH engineer, was said to be highly impressed by the system: “This was the first time I’d had the pleasure of using a Uniline system from APG. Right from the start I was struck by the clarity and definition of the sound. Indeed, the sound quality of this particular show was without doubt one of the technical highlights of the tour.”Coco Sound supplied L/R hangs of six UL210 mid-hi cabinets and three UL115 dedicated bass units per side supplemented by six TB218S and four TB118S subs. The entire system was driven by two Lab.gruppen FP 10000Q and two FP 7000 amplifiers with processing from a pair of APG’s DMS26 digital