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What is it?A professional multi-standard, multi-format audio monitor for broadcast applications. DetailsRecently upgraded with improved loudness measurement capabilities, the PAM2-3GI includes a user-assignable input matrix for non-SMPTE channel order, lip sync audio delay capabilities and improved data reporting. The design addresses the latest EBU R128 loudness regulations through a set of tools said to be both “relevant and useable” and which provide constant analysis and instant feedback to both engineers and operators. The PAM2-3G16 allows users to configure their own target and measurement parameters whilst also providing practical solutions for monitoring and reporting such as a time-versus-level histogram and ‘over target’ alarms. The new User Assign Matrix is designed for use when embedded audio signals include components such as clean effects and multiple language commentaries. By enabling the user to assign non-sequential channels to a user-configurable 5.1 bargraph display, complex multi-channel delivery formats can be reconstructed and monitored using established monitoring functions such as ‘Downmix’ and ‘All’. Another feature is the ability to delay audio outputs by up to 250ms (to internal or external loudspeakers) to compensate for video latency in displays and multiviewers. Audio delay settings can be configured on a preset basis so that only sources with associated video are affected. When delaying audio decoded from a Dolby E or AC-3, the PAM2-3G16 auto-compensates for the decoding latency to ensure that the output delay remains constant.