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Trilogy Broadcast Gemini Panels

What is it?A range control panels, including the latest Touch series, for use with Gemini intercom systems. DetailsWith choices including lever key, pushbutton and QVGA Touchscreen, Gemini panels offer a broad range of key types – including latch/non-latch and speak/listen – allowing users to select their preferred method of communicating with other panels, wireless devices and audio systems. Panels are available in 2U format with 16, 16 plus dialpad, 24 and 32 lever keys – in addition to a 30-button touchscreen version, and a 1U model with 10 keys or 8 pushbuttons. Completing the range are Trilogy’s desktop units including both eight lever-key and 20-button touchscreen variants, said to be suited to studio and edit suite applications. Gemini panels are designed to be interchangeable and can be hot-plugged, taking all of their configuration information from the Gemini matrix. Local key assignment and audio level adjustments are carried out using a single rotary encoder, avoiding the need for a separate keypad or individual volume controls. To quickly accommodate differing programme needs, or to directly access any user in a large system, each panel can have up to eight pages of key assignments available via the extended Shift Page function. The latest Touch Series panels incorporate high-res 2.8” QVGA colour touchscreens plus a range operator features said to be beyond the capabilities of any existing conventional intercom panels. The 2U rack-mount panel boasts 30 touchscreen buttons (20 provided on the desktop version). Other Touch panel features include 8-character alpha numeric displays, large button size for ease of use, individual level control of all sources, pop-up telephone dialpads and an audio replay feature.