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Tieline i-Mix G3

What is it?An advanced IP codec for radio and television, combining six live remote broadcast products into a single portable, lightweight box. DetailsDesigned for sports broadcasts, talk shows, music and other live events, the i-Mix G3 is a multi-function unit that can be used as a mixer, a commentary control unit and a Codec. It integrates bi-directional audio and full-duplex communications with extensive remote control capabilities to reduce setup time, on-site personnel, wiring requirements and signal distribution costs. i-Mix IP Codecs include a LAN connection, one built-in POTS Codec plus an analogue telephone coupler. It’s possible to increase programming, mixing and communications options by using the Codec module slot to send high-quality, low-delay live audio over 3G/3.5G, a second POTS/PSTN analogue phone line, ISDN, X.21, GSM or B-GAN satellite networks.
 i-Mix includes balanced inputs, an onboard PA control, dedicated Cue/Comms buttons for communications and a telephone coupler for managing live talkback callers. According to Tieline, G3 IP Codecs are designed to deliver “rock solid and reliable” audio over IP and wireless 3G/3.5G IP networks, and are also capable of connecting over POTS/PSTN, ISDN, X.21 and satellite networks. With a Tieline G3 Codec it is possible to take advantage of both new and old transports as telcos continue the transition into new IP-based technologies.
 G3 audio Codecs are used over IP and 3GIP for broadcasting, audio contribution and STLs. IP can be used as the primary circuit for sending audio and it’s possible to use POTS or ISDN as a backup failover circuit or communications circuit. This allows i-Mix IP Codecs to grow with the user’s needs as the technology evolves. The i-Mix G3 is also EBU N/ACIP Tech 3326 compatible over IP and Tieline is said to be committed to developing new IP and 3GIP applications that take advantage of emerging network infrastructures around the globe.