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Thermionic theme energises top producers

Renowned producer/mixer Gareth Jones and producer/songwriter John Hill have both recently invested in Thermionic Culture equipment.

Gareth Jones and John Hill have worked with numerous artists between them including Christina Aguilera, Jay Z, Kings of Leon, Depeche Mode, and Garbage; and both have recently invested in kit made by English manufacturer Thermionic Culture Ltd.

Jones (pictured) recently mixed an album using Thermionic Culture’s Fat Bustard valve mixer, and says he’ll never turn back.

“After years of mixing on big consoles and in the box, I mixed an album through the Fat Bustard – and that was it,” he insists. “I had to have one. I blame Kevin at Unity for being so helpful and Vic at Thermionic Culture for making something I couldn’t resist. Who knows where this might lead?”

Hill describes his investment in Thermionic Culture gear as the best purchase he has ever made. He bought the new Freebird 3-channel valve EQ, two Rooster stereo valve pre-amps, EQ and ‘Attitude’ distortion, and the Phoenix S/C stereo valve compressor with side chain filters. 

“The Rooster is my favourite piece of gear; it sounds amazing on everything,” he says. “One of my favourite functions of the Phoenix is using it just to drive tracks, and the new Freebird EQs are always in the kick and snare signal chain.”