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The only way is Soho

This week Phil Ward catches up with HHB's Steve Angel to discuss Scrub: a new demo facility in Soho dedicated to post.

Scrub is located in the heart of London’s West End, amid a tightly concentrated community of audio post-production facilities. As a subsidiary dealership of UK pro audio specialist HHB, it is totally focused on the rapidly shifting needs of audio post engineers and has recently undergone a complete upgrade of its demo facilities. Its catchment of busy professionals now has comfortable access to any combination of Avid control surface and Pro Tools system in order to assess the latest technical developments before purchase, as HHB’s Steve Angel explains… What’s in the new demo suite and how have you configured it for maximum versatility?  “An Avid (Euphonix) System 5 MC 16-fader console with surround panner and studio monitor pro; an ICON D Control 16-fader console with surround panner; an ICON D Command 8-fader controller; and an Artist Series Control & MIX interface. These are married to Pro Tools HD and Pro Tools Native systems, with HD IO and OMNI IO, together with a Media Composer Video Satellite on MOJO DX and a Blackmagic Decklink Extreme. We also have the option to bring in the C24 console when required. “The two large consoles face each other and the 5.1 Genelec monitor setup is reversible, so the rears become the left and right when facing the other way. Each console can switch between Pro Tools systems, with or without the Avid Video Satellite. All the monitors and video screens are HDMI switchable so Pro Tools, console status and video can easily be patched to any screen. Essentially, we have three audio studios and an edit suite in one room.” How are you promoting it around the neighbourhood?  “Email blast, word of mouth, press release.” Do people have time to visit a demo facility?  “Yes, most definitely. Clients are busy, but they do have time to nip out between sessions, or if a session is cancelled, or after hours. Our Berwick Street location is perfect as everyone in the Soho post community is no more than a 10 minute walk away.” How do you juggle Euphonix and Avid gear in sales pitches, where there’s an overlap?  “There aren’t really any overlaps. Avid’s acquisition of Euphonix was a perfect way to fill in the gaps where the company didn’t have products. The low-cost Euphonix Artist Series doesn’t compete with any Avid products and the high end consoles – such as System 5 MC – simply extend the Icon range.” What kind of applications are on the ‘up’ right now? Games? Talent shows? Royal Wedding DVDs…?  “British drama is the still the mainstay, with the bigger talent shows providing the means to fill a facility to capacity. New TV formats like ‘structured reality’ – such as The Only Way is Essex – are also post-hungry programming.” Is there a pub for every studio, where the teams hang out? “Some businesses do it on the golf course; we prefer the pub. Fortunately the Soho community appears to like a drink or two, and with no shortage of establishments to frequent we always seem to be in the right place…”