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Telos Systems Zephyr Xstream MXP

What is it?A portable version of the Xstream MX model, with all the features of the original Xstream ISDN Codec plus a 4-channel stereo mixer in a rugged, portable cabinet. DetailsZephyr Xstream MXP is a full-featured ISDN transceiver with high-fidelity MPEG-2 AAC and low-delay MPEG-4 AAC-LD coding along with standard Layer 3, Layer 2 and G.722. It includes AES/EBU I/O and features full duplex stereo operation of up to 20kHz audio on a single ISDN line. Broadcast quality mono audio at 15kHz or 20kHz is possible on a single ISDN B channel or other 56/64 kbps channel. The design includes a built-in ISDN Terminal Adapter for worldwide use. There’s also a 10Base-T Ethernet port for remote control and IP audio streaming. A V.35 option supporting bitrates up to 384 kbps permits high-grade STL links, as well as connections using synchronous data channels at other rates. Inputs 1 and 2 provide switchable phantom power as part of the four-input DSP mixer which directly feeds the Codec. Mic/line switchable inputs with pan controls include preset mic limiting and AGC processing. Local Mix 2 includes separate front-panel controls for the three rear-panel headphone jacks plus a pair of balanced line outputs. The front panel also features an adjustable headphone jack for Local Mix 1 which monitors send or receive audio – or a combination of the two. Layer 3 Dual Mode makes it possible to receive two separate mono feeds from independent far-end sites, so the unit is suitable for sporting events, network operation centres or other split-feed applications. A rear-panel Ethernet port allows TCP/IP remote control and streaming output of IP audio plus easy software upgrades via FTP.