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Telefunken U47 chosen for Will Young

UK producer and engineer Richard X opted to use a Telefunken U47 on Will Young’s latest album

Telefunken Elektroakustik, which recently celebrated forty years of its 250 design, is the manufacturer of choice for yet another renowned producer and engineer as Richard X purchased a new U47 large diaphragm mic for the recording of Will Young’s latest album. Richard X purchased the mic, which boasts a vintage tube, from KMR Audio through UK distributor Unity Audio after hunting high and low for the right microphone for the Young project. “After testing many high end mics from KMR Audio, new and old, we found the new U47 from Telefunken fitted exactly,” explains Richard X. “It lent a certain weight to his voice without being heavy or dull. I was keen to avoid a heavily ‘retro’ sound; I wanted something timeless, and that’s what it is.” Timeless is certainly a label Telefunken is proud to be associated with, according to experienced engineer/producer and Telefunken’s vice president of marketing CN Fletcher. “To see a manufacturer that is this focused on quality, historically accurate, and always respectful of the products of the past, but with an eye on providing that similar level of quality from the perspective of not only tone but durability is just fantastic,” he says. “And Telefunken really is working extremely hard to build products that will become legendary fifty years from now.” “Once we knew we were looking at a 47 for our mic, we put it up against a vintage model and the new one just sounded better,” adds Richard X. “It was more open, yet still with that classic vocal sound. For us it wasn’t about the specs, just the feeling of ‘right-ness’ you got when you heard Will [Young] sing into it.”