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Telefunken introduces trio of new products

German manufacturer Telefunken launched two new studio mics and a wireless mic capsule head at AES last week

Telefunken launched its new CU-29 condenser mic, stereo AR-70 tube mic, and M80 wireless microphone capsule head at AES in San Francisco last week. The newest addition to Telefunken’s R-F-T series has been in development for eighteen months. Designed by its in-house engineers with the guidance of some top amplifier designers, the CU-29 (pictured, and dubbed ‘Copperhead’) has a fixed cardioid large diaphragm capsule and features a New Old Stock (NOS) Telefunken vacuum tube and custom audio transformer. “This is probably our flattest microphone,” says Telefunken’s director of artist relations Jason Scheuner, “It has tremendous body in the mid-range without it getting harsh or brittle.” The stereo AR-70 tube mic also has a large diaphragm and is the two-channel model of the existing AR-51 mic utilising the ELA M 251E and featuring NOS tubes. Telefunken insists this more affordable mic lends itself to any recording application, from project home studios to high-end facilities. Telefunken’s wireless M80 dynamic capsule head also lends itself to a variety of applications. It is interchangeable with any handheld transmitters that receive a 31.3mm/pitch 1.0mm and has a directional pickup pattern and wide frequency response aimed to deliver functionality and quality tone. Designed to be ‘sonically open’, Telefunken claims the M80’s capsule head requires little to no EQing when working on a live or recorded mix and delivers a balanced presence with minimal low-end boom.