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Telefunken celebrates fifty years of ELA M

Telefunken is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of its renowned ELA M microphone range with a special commemorative edition

 To mark fifty years in production, Telefunken has come out with a special edition ELA M microphone range which includes extra NOS tubes and accessories; and has also launched its new more affordable R-F-T series. The ELA M 250/251, 250E/251E, and 270 microphones will now sport an embroidered Anniversary logo and classic gold diamond badge; and will be packaged in smart leather-bound flight cases. The 250/251 models include the rare AC701 vacuum tube and the E series and stereo models feature the 6072a tube; and Telefunken’s president Toni Fishman says the extra NOS tubes in the 250E/251E and 270 systems will ensure that these mics will still be alive and kicking fifty years from now. “Getting one of our new commemorative systems is like taking a time machine back to 1060 and purchasing it directly from the Telefunken showroom,” insists director of artist relations Jason Scheuner. Using some of the technology from the classic ELA M, Telefunken has also been busy working on its brand new R-F-T series, which is designed for anyone who is serious about recording but whose pockets aren’t quite so deep. The new AR-51 is a utility mic features nine different polar patterns and combines the amplifier electronics of a C-12 and an ELA M 251E; and Telefunken believes it could be one of the classics of the future. The amplifier also features an NOS ECC81 vacuum tube coupled with the same output transformer found in the C-12 and ELA M 251E. UK distribution will be handled by Unity Audio Ltd. and will be available from appointed dealers for £1,649.00.