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Technomad harnessing solar energy for speakers

Loudspeaker manufacturer Technomad has teamed up with LightManufacturing LLC to bring solar technology to manufacturing process.

American loudspeaker manufacturer Technomad is already associated with sustainable manufacturing, using recycled plastic to produce its loudspeakers. It’s recent partnership with LightManufacturing LLC sees its efforts towards sustainable manufacturing take another step forward. LightManufacturing has developed a method of molding plastic with solar heat. The company’s Solar Rotational Molding (SRM) process uses computer-controlled mirrors to concentrate heat from the sun onto a mould and melt the plastic inside. The sun’s thermal energy is used directly, avoiding the costs of making electricity with photovoltaic panels. “Technomad is the first company in the professional audio industry to take advantage of solar thermal energy,” said Rodger von Kries, vice president of Technomad. “We’ve always worked on the cutting edge of green manufacturing, being the first company to use 100 percent recycled plastic to make loudspeaker cabinets. The LightManufacturing partnership brings new advantages by reducing our costs while benefitting the environment.” LightManufacturing now moulds most of Technomad’s popular Vienna and Vernal loudspeakers at its California facility, with larger models to follow.