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Technomad amplifies Swedish ski slopes

Sweden’s SkiStar, the largest ski resort in Northern Europe, has added Technomad loudspeakers to its new on-slope multi-zone entertainment system.

SkiStar, located in the Åre municipality in northern Sweden, has amplified the lighting and sound experience for its guests, with Technomad Vernal advanced audio loudspeakers as the centerpiece. Installed by Watt & Volt Sverige AB, the speakers communicate the history of SkiStar and deliver atmospheric audio in eight locations, with sound originating through zoned DMX-controlled MP3 players. “This is a completely new concept for ski resorts in the north of Europe, perhaps even beyond,” said Niklas Hamrin, managing director, of installers and Technomad dealers Watt & Volt. “To our knowledge, it is the only system in the north of Europe of its kind, in the way the ambient sounds connect surrounding areas with the lighting installation.” Future expansion plans include the installation of more Technomad loudspeakers at outdoor gondolas throughout the resort. The gondola systems will include battery-powered, RFID-controllable MP3 players built into ultra-compact, highly protective plastic cases.