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Tannoy Reveal 601A

What is it?An updated, active version of the original Reveal near-field monitor for use in broadcast, post-production and recording facilities. DetailsThe Reveal 601A’s integrated amplifier ensures maximum efficiency from the 6.5” woofer and newly-designed 1” soft dome tweeter which is coupled to an elliptical waveguide to provide controlled HF directivity and minimise diffraction within the monitor’s “wide, consistent” listening field. Response is optimised for ‘quarter space’ near-field operation such as on a meter bridge or either side of a control surface.Voicing of the 6.5” low/mid-range driver has been enhanced to deliver an ultra-linear response down to 60Hz, while the wide-bandwidth tweeter extends up to 30kHz to improve the phase response within the audible frequency range. According to Tannoy, this preserves the harmonic structure of sounds and the stability of the stereo image, ensuring accurate mix translation. Maximum SPL is quoted as 111dB at the mix position for a pair of enclosures.The 601A’s rigid MDF cabinet (466mm x 302mm x 366mm) is designed to minimise colouration, with internal bracing of the sides and rear providing a rigid reactive mass for the moving cone of the LF driver. The curved-edged design of the front baffle helps eliminate diffraction, while the front-firing bass port is said to avoid the exaggerated bass response resulting from boundary-coupling – a problem inherent in rear-firing designs when positioned close to a wall. Rear-mounted level and HF trim controls are included, together with both balanced XLR and unbalanced TRS jack inputs.