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SystemBase C500xr

What is it?A range of 24-bit digital audio codecs offering 32-bit signal processing for real-time audio applications including broadcast. DetailsThe C500xr range includes three models – C510xr, C520xr and C530xr – all incorporating the fast apt-X Sub Band ADPCM compression system with a coding delay of only 2.8ms at data rates of 384Kbps. C510xr and C520xr models also offer G711 and G722 coding. The design features 24-bit analogue and AES audio interfacing – the former is electronically balanced for a high common mode rejection ratio offering “significant” improvements in performance. The 24-bit 48kHz AES3 digital interface is equipped with automatic sample rate conversion to simplify the problems of connecting between a studio reference clock and the ISDN network clock. The interface is also supported via two transformer-isolated XLR connectors located on the rear panel.
 C500xr Codecs are said to be well suited for implementing cost-effective FM and DAB studio-to-transmitter links, providing up to 22.5KHz stereo audio over a 384Kbps digital line. The bi-directional auxiliary data port facility can be used to simultaneously send RDS control signals to the transmitter and receive telemetry information. All three models include the same range of X21 audio modes (mono/stereo 64K – 384K), with the C510xr and C520xr offering additional ISDN mono/stereo audio modes of 64K – 128k and 64K – 256K, respectively. Audio performance is common throughout the range with analogue S/N ratio quoted at 102dB with headroom of +12dBu, switchable to +18dBu.
 The C500xr range includes a built-in Ethernet connection allowing each codec to be allocated a unique IP address and remotely managed using the standard Windows web browser. For ease of use, the Web server pages avoid the inclusion of active-x components that may require administrative rights to install on the local computer. The codecs provide SNMP support for use with industry-standard, third-party applications capable of monitoring and controlling equipment within LAN and WAN environments.