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NAMM 2020: Moog introduces Subsequent 25

Subsequent 25 is based on Moog's famous Sub Phatty

Subsequent 25

As the countdown to NAMM 2020 is close to commencing, Moog has launched its new Subsequent 25 synthesiser.

Subsequent 25 is a portable two-note paraphonic analogue synthesiser, based on the award-winning Sub Phatty sound engine. It also happens to be Moog’s most compact synthesiser to date, showing Moog’s commitment to adapting to modern times while still staying true to its vintage roots.

Upgrades from Sub Phatty

Subsequent 25 has upgraded from Sub Phatty (launched in 2013) with the implementation of wood side pieces, twice the headroom for access to a new range of tones in mono and duo modes, and an upgraded keybed for improved playability. In addition, Moog has reshaped the gain staging in the Ladder filter to boost harmonic saturation and analogue compression, as well as re-tuning the multidrive circuit and increasing the power of its headphone amplifier.

This synthesiser can move seamlessly between the stage and the studio, and it is now available to order worldwide priced at £895.

Producer Flying Lotus and graphic designer Julian House created a video based on Subsequent 25, which you can view below.