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Mackie presents multiple new pro sound solutions

This includes new product bundles for home studios, additions to the CR-Series of studio monitors, new MP-Series IEMs and EleMent microphones

The Creator Bundle

Mackie is launching a plethora of new pro sound innovations.

CR Series monitors

Mackie has expanded its CR Series multimedia monitors, adding new models and a subwoofer.

New to the CR Series is the CR3-X three-inch, CR4-X four-inch, and CR5-X five-inch, as well as the Bluetooth-enabled CR3-XBT three-inch, CR4-XBT four-inch, CR5-XBT five-inch, and CR8-XBT eight-inch models. Additionally, the CR8S-XBT Bluetooth-enabled subwoofer is also joining the family.

The CR-Series monitors are ideal for home studios, multimedia content creation, AV, post-production, gaming, and broadcast.

The CR3-X and CR4-X supply 50W of power, while the CR5-X provides 80W. The new CR8S-XBT subwoofer delivers a full 200W. All models feature all-wood cabinets, polypropylene-coated woofers, and .75 inch ferrofluid-cooled silk-dome tweeters.

The new subwoofer works well with any CR Series monitor setup and has flexible rear panel inputs and outputs with 1/4-inch TRS and RCA connectors.

US MAP pricing per pair: CR3-X – $99.99; CR3-XBT – $119.99; CR4-X – $149.99; CR4-XBT – $169.99; CR5-X – $199.99; CR5 – XBT – $219.99; CR8-XBT – $349.99; CR8S-XBT – $199.99.

All models will be available beginning March 2020.

MP Series in-ear monitors

Mackie has expanded its MP Series of in-ear monitors, adding the new MP-320, MP-360, and MP-460 IEMs to the lineup. In addition, the pro sound company has added Bluetooth capabilities to the entire MP Series with the introduction of the MP-BTA Bluetooth Adapter.

What are the differences between the monitors, you might be wondering? While the MP-360 IEMS feature a triple dynamic driver design, the MP-360 IEMs have a triple-balanced armature design, and furthermore, the MP-460s have a quad-balanced armature design. Balanced armature IEMs typically provide better isolation, better treble response, and are smaller than dynamic drivers. However, it entirely depends on preference, as dynamic drivers are known to have better bass frequency than armature drivers and are often more durable.

All three of the new IEMs employ a precision three-way crossover that ensures a balanced sound across the entire 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency range.

The IEMs feature an open-ear design, ergonomically molded enclosures, and four different types of ear tips—foam, silicone, wide-bore silicone, and triple flange—in small, medium, and large sizes. The detachable cables are shielded, internally braided and equipped with MMCX connectors. They also come with a hard molded case and a gold-plated 1/8-inch to 1/4-inch adapter.

The new Bluetooth Adapter is included with all Mackie BT Series IEMs and is also available separately.

Available this month, the US MAP for each is as follows: MP-BTA – $99.99; MP-120 BTA – $149.99; MP-220 BTA – $199.99; MP-240 BTA – $249.99.

The MP-320 – $299.99; MP-360 – $399.99; and MP-460 – $499.99 will be available in February 2020.

EleMent Series microphones

Mackie has also now entered the pro sound microphone market, introducing its new EleMent Series microphones. The series consists of three models: the EM-89D live vocal dynamic, EM-91C large-diaphragm condenser, and EM-USB USB condenser microphones.

The EM-89D dynamic microphone features a cardioid polar pattern and is primarily designed for stage use, but can also be used in the studio.

The EM-91C large-diaphragm condenser also has a cardioid polar pattern and is suitable for a wide variety of studio applications.

The EM-USB condenser microphone works for recording, live streaming, podcasts, and online content creation and doesn’t require a separate audio interface as it can connect directly to your laptop or mobile recording device using USB-C.

Available this month, the US MAPs are as follows: the EM-89D – $69.99; the EM-91C – $79.99; and the EM-USB – $149.99.

New product bundles
The Producer Bundle

Mackie is also launching four new product bundles that are designed to serve as starter kits or supplements to existing rigs for performers, producers, studios, and other content creators. 

The Producer Bundle is ideal for the home studio, including the EleMent Series condenser and dynamic microphones; the MC-100 professional headphones; and the Onyx Producer 2•2 USB interface as well as a full software suite.

The Creator Bundle is ideal for content creators, podcasters, and streaming, both in the home studio and on the go. It features the EM-USB cardioid condenser microphone, which connects directly to a computer via USB-C. The mic includes onboard headphone monitoring, gain control, and mute and includes a tripod stand, mic clip, USB-C cable, and other accessories. This bundle also includes the MC-100 headphones as well as the CR3-X multimedia monitor speakers.

The Studio Bundle includes all the tools needed to create and mix professional recordings. At the centre of this bundle is Mackie’s Big Knob studio monitor controller | interface, which has two Onyx mic preamps. It comes with a full suite of recording and production software, including Pro Tools | First and Waveform OEM recording software, the Musician Collection for Pro Tools, and the DAW Essentials Bundle for Waveform OEM.

This bundle also has a pair of CR3-X multimedia monitors and the MC-100 headphones, as well as the EM-91C large-diaphragm condenser microphone and EM-89D dynamic vocal microphone.

The Performer Bundle is the choice for vocalists, karaoke, solo artists, and others who need straightforward mixing and reliable mics. It starts with Mackie’s ProFX6v3 six-channel analogue mixer, which features two Onyx mic preamps, two EM-89D dynamic vocal microphones, and the MC-100s. It also has the same software suite as the Producer and Studio Bundles.

US MAP pricing for these products: Creator Bundle is $249.99; the Performer Bundle is $289.99; the Producer Bundle is $299.99; and the Studio Bundle is $499.99.

Producer and Performer Bundles will be available beginning in February 2020; Creator and Studio Bundles will be available as of March 2020.