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NAMM 2020: Austrian Audio launches first-ever professional headphones

The pro audio brand is launching two models, the on-ear HI-X50 and over-ear HI-X55

Pro sound microphone manufacturer, Austrian Audio, is releasing its first-ever professional headphones, the HI-X (High Excursion headphones) at its first-ever US trade show, NAMM 2020.

The pro audio brand is launching two models, the on-ear HI-X50 and over-ear HI-X55.

The on-ear, supra-aural HI-X50s are specifically designed for those requiring a portable and compact option, whereas the HI-X55 circum-aurals provide over-the-ear comfort. Both feature Austrian Audio’s exclusive 44mm HI-X driver.

Known for the OC818 and OC18 microphones for studio and live use, Austrian Audio brings the same engineering excellence to its new headphone range, designed and constructed in Vienna and made in Austria.

“When it was time to create our first family of professional headphones, we were determined to exceed the high targets we set ourselves and create something very special,” commented Martin Seidl, CEO. “Much like our coveted OC818 and OC18 microphones, the core comes from a proven Viennese team sharing a passion for excellence. We will always ensure that we deliver an absolutely pristine sonic performance. Another key thing that we have learned over the decades is that headphones need to be as comfortable as they are reliable and excellent-sounding. We’ve designed a fresh take on an ultra-adjustable and wide-range head-bow for maximum comfort during the longest sessions, for the biggest engineers to the smallest bedroom producers. We are very proud to be showcasing these products as part of Austrian Audio’s first-ever participation at a US tradeshow.”

“Our engineers have designed larger drivers in the past, but our science, measurements, and listening tests have shown that 44mm is the best size for this design,” explained Philipp Schuster, product manager. “It ensures optimal performance in the Hi-X by moving a lot of air, and eliminates ‘wobbling’ of the diaphragm. It’s all about controlled sound – 44mm is optimal for the professional Hi-X series.”

Austrian Audio’s ring magnet system is present in the new headphone line, featuring the latest materials, improved air-flow and the strongest magnetic field from the manufacturer yet. The ring magnet structure couples with a copper-clad aluminium voice coil to reduce the moving mass for a better impulse reaction. Austrian Audio’s three-ply membrane increases the stiffness and reduces undesired resonances, bolstered further by a double acoustic wall designed to achieve the best damping results.

All critical strength components are made of metal to protect the headphones, while both models present a 25Ohm impedance. A detachable cable is included, and each headphone is furnished with a 3.5mm (1/8 inch) to 6.3mm (1/4 inch) adapter.

You can find Austrian at NAMM in ACC North / Level 1, booth 14121.