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Studio Projects made easier with LSM

Studio Projects’ recently launched multi-purpose Little Square Microphone is proving very popular in the UK and Europe

The unique pocket-sized offering from the Californian-headquartered company is an affordable condenser mic with both XLR and USB capabilities which can be run simultaneously suiting it to a wide range of applications – and it’s going down a storm this side of the pond. Whether you’re making a high-definition conference call from your computer or a professional studio recording, PMI Audio UK’s logistics manager Matt Harkness believes that the LSM ticks the box. PMI handles worldwide distribution for Studio Projects; and the UK arm of the business, which is based out of Torquay, sold out its pilot run in no time. “These mics are going everywhere. There are lots on the continent; and I use one as my Skype mic at home and here in the office,” says Harkness. “If you plug it into your laptop, it makes a nice sketch pad for home recording projects too; the diaphragm picks up everything and the sound quality is great.” Harkness is awaiting another batch of LSMs and says PMI’s German affiliate has already ordered twenty in each of the four available colours (black, white, pink and red). The thin-profile LSM works with PC or Mac and is designed with a foldable yoke which allows it to stand freely on a work surface or mount to a mic stand. It comes with a six-foot XLR cable and its UK street price is £125.
 A dynamic LSM model is expected to follow shortly for use on stage.