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Strong attendance for Audio Warehouse event

Nearly 60 key figures from Ireland’s producer/engineer community - as well as representatives of leading manufacturers, including SSL's Richard Palmer - attended the recent Audio Warehouse Recording Showcase.

Nearly 60 key figures from Ireland’s producer/engineer community attended the Audio Warehouse Recording Showcase at Dublin’s Westland Studio earlier this month.

In addition to showcasing brands represented in Ireland by Audio Warehouse (AWH), the event also gave attendees an opportunity to explore the recently revamped Westland Studio.

“We hear anecdotally that these smaller types of events aren’t as popular in the UK, something we can’t fathom, as we never have a problem getting people out,” said AWH’s John Byrne. We’ve had a good mix of old faces and quite a few new ones.”

AWH colleague Paul Brewer was also pleased with the turnout. “We’ve had a great day. It’s great to get the support of our customers and suppliers in these difficult times. Special thanks to Gareth from Audient who drove/sailed through the night to get to us, Richard [Palmer] from SSL who gave an Alpha Channel as a raffle prize [to Sean Hurley, pictured here with Palmer], and Kevin and Ben from Unity who brought along the entire contents of their warehouse, or so it looked! I’m already looking forward to our next one.”

Westland Studio is now under the supervision of producer Alwyn Walker, who welcomed the chance to encourage new visitors to the studio. “Myself and my brother Darryl have spent the last few months making sure the studio is ship-shape for the next chapter in its hopefully continued illustrious history.”