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What is it?A routing node serving as the core of a StageTec NEXUS installation. Details NEXUS STAR accommodates up to 16 boards each with 256 inputs and 256 outputs. This allows for routing a maximum of 4,096 inputs to 4,096 outputs, resulting in more than 16 million cross points. If more I/O resources are required, multiple NEXUS STAR units can be cascaded. Any input can be freely routed to any output, so point-to-point lines as well as point-to-multi-point sets can be created. Instead of a bus configuration as used on the NEXUS system, NEXUS STAR includes a dual matrix for routing inputs to outputs. This routing matrix allows for a very high clock rate and thus supports the reliable implementation of an accordingly large number of time-slots, resulting in an internal throughput of more than 12Gbps, which produces the extremely large routing capacity.