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SSL raises Ishtar’s Blue Spirits

Edizoni Ishtar has installed a 48-channel Solid State Logic Duality console into its Blue Spirit recording studios in Milan

Blue Spirit’s Studio A, where the Duality console now resides, was built to accommodate projects for release on the plethora of Ishtar’s labels which cater for a wide spectrum of musical genres. It comprises a sizeable recording room with two adjoining isolation booths, and is connected to Studios B and C, which are pre-production units. Davide Rosa, co-owner of Ishtar, says choosing Duality was primarily all about getting ‘the great SSL sound’; and insists that the studio will suit every producer on Ishtar’s roster.
“Schema Records, one of our larger labels, produces Nu Jazz; and our musical ideas for this label draws inspiration from the warmth and intensity of the 60s and 70s,” explains Rosa, “and we needed a console that would give us that sonic intimacy while delivering a modern sound. Duality is that console.” Recording engineer Tommaso Colliva says another advantage of Duality is its ability to control the studio’s Pro Tools system from its console surface. “It really helps our recording and mixing sessions to run more quickly and be more focused,” he says, “as I don’t need to interrupt my concentration to work a mouse.” Colliva, who also conceived and planned the studio, highlights Duality’s sound quality, routing flexibility, Total Recall and fader automation as key features that made it the right choice for the new facility.
Artists represented by the label include Nicola Conte, Mario Biondi, and Rosalia De Souza.