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SSL and Lexicon help create Switzerland’s Synphonic Studio

The small village of Etzgen in Switzerland is now home to a brand new world class mixing facility built within an abandoned corner shop.

Located 30 minutes from Zurich, past ancient forestry and rolling hills, stands Synphonic Recording Studios, which was recently founded by Tom Lumholtz, who is also the facility’s principal engineer. Designed by WSDG, Synphonic features an SSL Matrix console and a full Pro Tools HD 5 system with an array of plug-ins and a Lexicon 960L effects system. Its room-within-room structure was designed to provide sound isolation from neighbouring buildings, and its control room includes soffit-mounted Adam S5 monitors (the largest monitoring system by this manufacturer in Switzerland) and a Genelec 5.1 surround system. Additional kit includes CLASP (Closed Loop Analogue Signal Processor) which integrates tape machines into a digital DAW unit; a fully operational 24-track two-inch Studer A827 analogue tape machine; refurbished Siemens/Telefunken mic pre-amps; Studer EQs; and an AMEK compressor. WSDG partner Dirk Noy says the design brief extended to the room acoustics and interior design. “Tom [Lumhotlz] selected a bold silver couch which established an elegant mood for the environment, a smart mix of art-deco and contemporary styles in a classic red-black colour scheme,” says Noy. “This is a unique and extremely comfortable studio with a distinctively warm, melodious sound.” Lumholtz says the WSDG team did a great job on the design, exceeding all expectations. “We named the studio our ‘New York Room’ in honour of WSDG’s main office,” he explains. “We get tremendous positive feedback from our clients and friends, and I’m truly happy that we went all the way in terms of sonic quality.”