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SSE Group to host Big Desk Day in March

The event is designed to help purchasers/engineers navigate the world of digital consoles, and will feature the latest products from AVID, Midas, Soundcraft/Studer, DiGiCo, Yamaha and Roland. Staff from each brand will also be on hand to offer guidance.

In order to help purchasers/engineers navigate the world of digital consoles, SSE Audio Group is hosting a Big Desk Day at the company‚Äôs Redditch HQ in the UK Midlands between 11am and 4pm on 20 March. SSE will be showing all of the latest products and offerings from the leading console manufacturers, AVID, Midas (an XL8 is pictured here), Soundcraft, Studer, DiGiCo, Yamaha and Roland. Each brand will be represented by its own staff on hand to guide people through each of these consoles and to answer any questions. “It’s our aim to offer you something that you can’t get at a trade show”, said SSE sales manager, Alex Penn. “This event will focus on expanding your knowledge about the varied products available and everyone will have space to get proper access to the consoles. As staff will be on hand from each manufacturer and it is focused we hope that this will prove a useful and educational experience for all visitors.” “Attendees will be divided into groups, rotating through each manufacturer in turn, so everyone will have a chance to see everything. There will be bases throughout our Redditch HQ for each brand some of which will be in the warehouse, so if it’s cold we’d advise that you wear a jacket!”

Registration for the event is available via SSE’s website.