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Soundcraft Si Performer, AKG D12 VR arrive in UK

UK distributor Sound Technology is now shipping Soundcraft’s hybrid audio/lighting Si Performer mixing console, and AKG’s D12 VR kick drum mic; a modern re-issue of the classic 1950s D12 microphone.

Sound Technology is now distributing two new pro-audio products to the UK: the Soundcraft Si Performer hybrid audio/lighting console, and the AKG D12 VR kick drum microphone. Launched in August 2012, the Soundcraft Si Performer is the first mixing console to combine audio and DMX lighting control. “There are a variety of markets – including hospitality, corporate and education – where the businesses or schools often rely on a single person to handle all of its technical operations, including sound and lighting,” said Keith Watson, marketing director, mixing, Harman Professional.

“The Si Performer’s integration of audio and lighting into a single console not only saves money and space, but it also makes that operator’s responsibilities significantly more manageable on a single user-interface, reducing space, cabling and cost.” UK-based Adlib Audio was among the first to invest in the Si Performer, having purchased four of the new consoles from Sound Technology at this year’s PLASA show. The second new product from the distributor is AKG’s new D12 VR kick drum microphone, which features the original C414 transformer from the 1970s, and selectable active filters. The D12 VR is a large-diaphragm cardioid microphone intended specifically for kick drum live and recording applications, a ‘vintage sound re-issue’ of AKG’s classic D12 microphone, first released in 1953. “With the reputation AKG’s D12 brought to the recording and broadcast industry, the latest D12 VR embodies its predecessor with the quality and reliability AKG has been providing the audio industry for 65 years,” stated Thomas Umbauer, product manager, PPA, AKG.

“The relaunched D12 VR will give tracked drums a vintage, yet crisp and modern sound, sure to make percussion tracks shine for professionals or casual artists around the world.”