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Sound Projects BassLine

Self-powered DreamLine mid/bass system

What is it?
The latest addition to the DreamLine series: a self-powered mid/bass system for the touring and installation markets.

The BassLine is tuned to augment the DreamLine at the low end and maintains the same physical appearance and rigging requirement as the 2.2m-high line-array enclosure. Six 12″ drivers operate over a 60Hz-140Hz frequency range offering support for DreamLine at the low-frequency end while creating more headroom for mid and high frequencies. The integrated processor/amplifier-combination and Angle Adapter rigging hardware are said to make the BassLine easy to handle and install covering a vertical range of -16° (up) to + 7° (down) and offering horizontal panning in 10° steps from -90° to +90°. Choosing the correct angle and corresponding lifting point can be quickly carried out with the supplied ‘pragmatic predictive aiming software’, SPArC.