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Sound Devices 664

Portable mixer/recorder

What is it?A six-channel portable production mixer with integrated recorder.DetailsThe 664 offers six ultra-low noise, high-dynamic-range analogue inputs in a transformer-less design capable of accepting mic or line-level signals and including peak limiters, high-pass filters, input trim controls and direct outputs. Inputs 1 and 6 can also be switched to accept AES42 or AES3 digital signals.For more complex setups, the 664 can send its main left/right signals to three outputs simultaneously. A further pair of output buses – X1 and X2 – are on balanced TA3 connectors while the AES3 digital outputs are individually selected to appear on the main XLR and multi-pin output connectors.According to Sound Devices, the design offers a “quick, intuitive interface” via transflective LCD menu control with all main controls provided with dedicated knobs and switches.The 664 can record each of its inputs and four output buses for a maximum of 10 tracks. Recordings are either 16- or 24-bit broadcast WAV files and are saved to CompactFlash and SD cards together with extensive metadata. All standard production sampling rates are supported. A built-in Ambient time code generator allows multiple devices to be used in synchronisation; the 664 operates as either a time code master clock or its clock can be sync’d to external time code. Other features include a time code compare utility (showing the difference between internal and external time code), a built-in slate microphone and external slate microphone input connector. The 664 may be powered by five AA batteries or isolated 10-18V external DC supply.And another thing…When used with a CL-6 Input Expander, the 664 records 16 tracks, 12 inputs and four output buses.